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Live Analytics

Live Analytics – Metrics and Formulas in Near Real Time

Configure your own Live Dashboard and
see who is on your website right now.

Live Dashboards can be invaluable for organizations investing in UX improvements by providing a real-time view – this enables analysis of patterns shown in normal and errant behavior, or even quickly identifying where immediate changes or fixes are required on your website. The metrics are not only observed as a whole, but also broken down by the most important dimensions, e.g. by country, traffic source or device class. With Live Dashboards you can monitor metrics that matter to your business and see that delivered with fresh data.

Bring data to life

  • Live dashboards are easy-to-use – integrated and visualization data without any previous technical knowledge needed
  • Our filters and drilldown options mean you can dive into the metrics within one or two clicks
  • Bring web and app data directly into a dashboard that shows you what’s happening now

Your Data, Right Now

Live Analytics dashboard data is updated every 30 seconds and includes over 30 different dimensions and metrics for you to configure based on your needs – your organization is unique, so for valuable customer insights, you should create live information relevant to you.

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