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User Predictions

How do your Website Visitors Become Customers? Mapp Can Predict That in Real-Time.

Anticipate customer requests with Mapp
and create a conversion and return forecast for every website visitor

Based on retrospective data, machine learning makes it possible to forecast future customer behavior in the customer journey. What is the expected order value? What is the customer’s lifetime value? What is the probability that the prospective customer will turn into an actual customer?

The forecasts are continuously adjusted and are based on a variety of attributes, such as, visit duration, page views, click speed, device class, value and quantity of products viewed, and much more. Real-time predictive analytics requires a lot of data, data expertise, and data science. We are proud to be one of the few service providers that can offer you this functionality. Depending on the expected customer behavior and customer value, you can concentrate your investments on need-based marketing measures.

Benefits of Predictions:

  • Optimized remarketing with a focus on the most promising website visitors meaning often additional marketing activities are not required
  • Strategically planned conversions – depending on probability data automatically determine which onsite offers or actions should be initiated
  • Predict future sales trends automatically and interlink them with the expected customer lifetime value
  • Segment high-converting visitor groups in a targeted manner and address them using exit-intent triggers

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