Use your customer data to drive marketing results

Mapp Data Management Platform, as part of Mapp Acquire, brings all your data together so you can target your audience more accurately and effectively.

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Lost in data? Find your way and use data to drive business results

Turn prospects into new customers. Mapp Acquire enables you to leverage all your data to understand your customers and drive your digital marketing. Centralize data from your paid, owned, and earned channels and target your audience accurately.

At the core of Mapp Acquire is the Mapp Data Management Platform (DMP). With our DMP, you can maximize the effectiveness of your marketing spend by:

Data Management Platform
  • Monitoring the performance of your campaigns in real-time
  • Taking ownership of your customer data
  • Tweaking and optimizing data distribution to marketing/advertising platforms in real-time
  • Connecting with customers and predicting potential touch points

Mapp Acquire can be used as a standalone solution or alongside the other solutions within Mapp Cloud.

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Conquer your data challenge

With the explosion in email, web, SMS, digital, mobile, and social avenues, you have to find a way to unify data from each touch point to meet growing customer expectations. Just imagine it: behavioral, geographic, and demographic customer data all in one place so you can target your audience accurately and meaningfully. Wouldn't that be great? Mapp DMP centralizes data collected from your paid, owned, and earned channels, eliminating the need for you to build individual custom data platforms.

Find your next customer

Our look-alike model identifies new users who share the same characteristics as your most loyal and profitable customers. By creating customer profiles and personas based on current customer demographics and activity, you can plan an effective prospecting strategy. It's easy to then develop a personalized campaign to focus on these prospects and turn them into new customers.

Simple data integration with internal and external systems

Mapp DMP offers data integration with the major advertising and marketing platforms you are already using. Plus, with our API you can build bespoke integrations to allow your results and customer data to be easily shared in, for example, management information systems.

Take control of your data

Take control of your data

They are your customers and it's your brand reputation, so it should be your data. Now is the time to unlock the power of your customer data with the next generation data management platform. Find out how you can capture behavior and react quickly to secure more market share.