Your email marketing: personalized, optimized, maximized

Get your email marketing up to speed with our unified platform to design and execute effective, customer-centric campaigns. Engage like never before.

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Is your email marketing really working?

Email marketing could be one of the most cost-effective tools in your marketing arsenal but if you are running generic, un-optimized campaigns, it’s just a waste of your time and money. With billions of emails sent each year, you’ve got to find a way to maximize the efficiency of your email messaging and stand out from the crowd across all your campaigns and product areas.

Email Marketing

Create a targeted email campaign in minutes

  • Use a single, unified platform for design and execution
  • Integrate multiple data sources for complete personalization of your digital marketing campaigns
  • Create enhanced audience segmentation with a simple drag-and-drop user interface
  • Design email messages with our visual editor – no HTML knowledge required!

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Bring it together through a single platform

So ditch the siloed campaigns and build effective, customer-centric email marketing with high deliverability and a measurable ROI. How? With a single platform to help you leverage customer data, ensure true personalization, and engage with your customers like never before. Using advanced content management tools and an array of templates, we will help you maintain consistent, high-quality messaging with on-brand newsletters and email marketing.

Ensure your message is getting through

Don’t let your carefully crafted message end up in the spam folder. Our close partnerships with ISPs and email associations will minimize spam bounces and maximize delivery. Track your results with access to campaign statistics and automated reporting – monitor the effectiveness of your message and gain valuable customer behavior insight.

Prioritize data protection and security

We take data protection as seriously as you do. Our systems conform to German Data Protection Laws & Regulations, some of the highest standards world-wide. ISO 27001 certification means you and your customers can be certain valuable data is stored securely. We are the first to receive ISO 27018 certification in Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in public clouds.

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Benefit from a complete, integrated approach

Benefit from a complete, integrated approach

Newsletter marketing, email campaigns, mobile or social messaging; no matter what channel you are using now, or want to use in the future, complete integration allows you to interact cost-effectively with you customers around the world and increase conversions. With fully-scalable solutions and support from our global team, we’ll grow with you – contact us today.