Email campaigns that look great and are easy to make

With our tools, you can create extremely personalized email campaigns that speak directly to each customer—and it’ll take you no time at all!

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Send email campaigns that create a buzz

You have probably received them yourself far too often - over-generalized, unappealing emails that have probably taken far too long to put together and provoke little response. But that's not how you should roll. Given the wide variety and heavy use of social media in today's world, you might be forgiven for thinking email campaigns were as outdated as communicating with snail mail- but our tools prove otherwise:

Email Campaigns
  • Advanced Content Management and email templates
  • Single user interface for campaign design and scalable execution
  • Ability to track the effectiveness of messages
  • APIs to integrate with web analytic tools, eCommerce platforms, etc.
  • Access to campaign statistics and automated reporting

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Start building a relationship

With our sophisticated tools, you’ll be able to get your audience’s attention with striking template designs and a powerful presentation style. Your email campaigns will take on new life at a fraction of the cost, time, and effort, resulting in significant increases in your ROI.

Not only can you automate your email campaign so that messages are sent out at precisely the time you know will elicit the highest response rates, but you can also ensure your emails start building a personalized relationship with your potential customers.

As you work with the tool, you'll find a wide variety of other features that will help you get the most out of your customer data and email campaigns.

Get your message delivered

Admittedly, one big problem with email campaigns is that so many messages end up in spam folders. But we've got your back: we have partnerships with ISPs and email associations around the globe, which minimizes the effects of anti-spam measures. They say that getting your foot in the door is the first step, and we have the resources to help you achieve this.

Take your business to new heights

Take your business to new heights

Email campaigns are a vital part of customer communication. Our tools help you to streamline the process in a much more personalized manner. Talking to your customers in a meaningful way builds loyalty to your brand, and our tools are designed to help you connect with existing customers, capitalize on new leads, and maximize your company's potential.

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