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Make boring, impersonal newsletters a thing of the past. Use our newsletter marketing tool to increase your conversion rate and acquire more leads.

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Is your newsletter marketing making headlines with your customers?

As your brand grows, you have an increasingly larger pool of customers with whom you want to share the latest news about your brand and products. Even in a world with popular social media sites, regular newsletter marketing still represents a very effective tool when it comes to boosting your business within your customer base. When you craft your newsletters with our Email Marketing tool, you can take advantage of:

Newsletter Marketing
  • A single interface for campaign design
  • Easy creation of customer-specific email messages using enhanced segmentation tools - no HTML experience required!
  • Sophisticated segments based on complex set of criteria with simple drag & drop
  • Message tracking to gain further insight into customer behavior
  • Fluid integration with other channels and access to campaign statistics

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In 2015, 47 billion emails were sent all around the world, with an average of 4 billion emails sent each month. With such heavy traffic, newsletter marketing can still represent powerful tool, but only if you use it correctly and stand out from the crowd.

A single platform for the most effective newsletter marketing campaigns ever

The beauty of our platform lies in its modern sophistication and its extreme ease of use. With our state-of-the-art newsletter marketing tool, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to create a newsletter marketing campaign. At the same time, you can personalize your newsletters by leveraging the vast array of historical customer data you have. And this combination will significantly increase your ROI. Less work and better results- what's not to like about that?

Personalized newsletters

Personalized newsletters, each and every time

Our Email Marketing tool allows you to integrate several data sources, which in turn makes it possible to create targeted, hyper-personalized messages-and that at a fraction of the time your boring, ineffective newsletters used to cost you. What's more, your newsletter marketing campaign can be seamlessly integrated with other channels and automated, further boosting your efficiency. You'll have more fun doing less work, and your customers will get more information catered to their specific needs, bumping up your ROI in a serious way.

Once you've used our tool to leverage APIs and integrate web analytic tools and eCommerce, you'll finally be able to put your vast amounts of customer usage data to good use. With plenty of data at your fingertips and our easy-to-use yet sophisticated tools at your disposal, there's really nothing to stop you from taking your campaigns to the next level.