Mobile Marketing: connecting with customers on the go

Take advantage of mobile technology to boost your marketing reach. Connect with your customers wherever they are and watch your brand grow!

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Take advantage of mobile marketing

Mobile engagement has become an essential part of every growing business' marketing repertoire. The majority of top brands are creating individualized experiences for customers via their mobile apps as apps are where users spend most of their time. Yet, over 80 percent of apps are deleted after only one usage. The secret to creating a long-lasting relationship lies with mobile engagement.
There are multiple ways to smartly use mobile marketing for a personal communication with your target group.

Mobile Marketing
  • SMS messages deliver immediate reach and interaction on any phone (iOS, Android, Windows or even non-smartphones) with no internet connection needed.
  • In-app messages enable you to engage customers while they are using your app, inform them of changes or updates in real time, and lead them towards the next logical step. 
  • Push notifications are an excellent tool, as they place messages right on your customers' home or lock screens.

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Are you smartly using your customers' smartphones?

The ability to stay in contact with and provide information to customers on their smartphones is one of the today’s most efficient ways to implement a unified, integrated marketing campaign.

Our single platform gives you an extremely cost-effective way to grow your brand using the wonders of modern technology – and all of this without requiring any technical knowledge or mobile marketing experience on your end.

What's more, you have full control of the message design and tailored calls to action, allowing you to engage your customers in a truly personalized manner. We also offer extended send-out customization such as sound, deep links, extra fields, and badge support.

Location-based marketing

One of the biggest advantages of mobile marketing technology is its ability to connect the online and offline worlds. Location-based marketing helps you engage your customers in the right place at the right time. This allows you to utilize every piece of data you have available to connect with your customers in a personalized dialogue. And with increased intimacy comes greater customer loyalty. The bottom line here – these tools effectively increase your bottom line.

Step into the future today!

Step into the future today!

With our mobile marketing tools at your disposal, you can quickly and easily set up a customized system that maximizes the usage of your customer data and creates a personal experience for each and every customer. The system practically does all the work for you, so you get a huge ROI at a percentage of the cost and effort. Get started today and watch your company grow exponentially!