App marketing: harness the power of the smartphone

These days, smartphones are in just about everyone's pocket, and app marketing has become one of the best ways to directly communicate with your customers.

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Smartphones and apps: digital marketing in the palm of your hand

Just look around. Almost everyone has smartphones in their hands! From kids to grandmas and grandpas, smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. And smartphones are about so much more than just calls and text messages: the app industry is booming! So get on board and don’t get left behind.

Our app marketing services allow you to:

Push Notifications
  • Send individualized and/or automated push notifications and in-app messages
  • Reach individuals even when they are not using the app, thanks to push notifications
  • Combine push notifications, in-app messages, and texts to create a multi-channel campaign
  • Monitor in-app behavior in order to send better-targeted messages
  • Get direct customer feedback
  • Send notifications with sounds, deep links, and more
  • Monitor daily and hourly usage info as well as user location information

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In 2015, reports indicated that almost half of the smartphone users in the United States use six to ten smartphone apps each week. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that app marketing is playing an increasingly important role in any successful digital marketing strategy. By combining app marketing with other communication channels such as email, social and web, you can achieve greater reach and ROI.

What makes apps so great?

Perhaps the biggest advantage apps have over traditional digital communication is that they allow you to reach your customers whenever and wherever they may be, even and especially when on-the-go. You can be sure your message is directly reaching your customer, not lost in a spam folder or left unread in an inbox. App marketing actively drives engagement and monetization, which in turn increases your ROI.

Let us help you get on top of app marketing

Let us help you get on top of app marketing

On top of an intuitive interface, our tech support is committed to your ongoing success and is eager to help at any and every stage. Don't miss out on your chance to reach a wider audience. Contact us and discover the potential of app marketing.

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