Push notifications keep your customers engaged

Consumers worldwide are turning to smartphone apps for information and business. Count on strategic push notifications to engage your audience.

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Smartphones and apps: digital marketing in the palm of your hand

Around 1.5 billion smartphone users were reported worldwide in 2014, and that number is expected to grow to over 2.5 billion by 2019. As any smartphone user knows, it is all about the apps! It isn't enough, though, to simply have an app. You need to keep your customers engaged. The best way to do that? Push notifications!

Push Notifications
  • Create your own targeted, one-of-a-kind notification strategy
  • Deliver messages right to users’ home or lock screens
  • Full control of the message design and tailored CTA
  • Extended send-out customization including sound, deep links and more
  • A/B split testing
  • Personalized push notifications based on users’ locations
  • Automated push notifications with "best time to send" feature
  • Targeting & segmentation based on location, device, in-app behavior, and last activation

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Keep the consumer informed and active with targeted push notifications

Push notifications are a powerful digital tool; they notify users of new messages and important events, even when the user is not actively using your app. What's more, they allow you to directly reach your customer since the notification is delivered straight to the phone in a banner, message, or badge. This means your message can't land in the spam folder or go unread in an inbox. Drive app usage amongst your customers, re-engage dormant users, and increase revenue through more in-app purchases.

Unique content for your unique business

Unique content for your unique business

According to surveys, smartphone app users use six to ten smartphone apps each week. Think about it-- those who have smartphones take them just about everywhere they go. That means with strategic and smart push notifications, you can increase the effectiveness of any digital campaign by reaching your audience whenever and wherever. Find out how to grow your business with digital marketing campaigns that utilize the power of push notifications as part of a combined strategy of email, social and web. Your current customers, and your potential ones, are never far away.

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