Use SMS marketing to increase reach and response

Fact: Mobile devices are everywhere. Are you using mobile devices to your advantage with SMS marketing?

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Immediate, interactive, indispensable: why you should be using SMS

There are about as many mobile devices in the world as there are people. Each member of your target audience is bound to have one, perhaps two, maybe even three in their pockets. So why aren't you using the opportunity to talk directly to them? Thanks to our single platform, you can manage all outbound messages, including email and SMS, in one place.

SMS Marketing
  • Automate to increase efficiency and reach; build sophisticated, one-on-one dialogues with customers using dynamic inbound SMS messages and events
  • Leverage easy-to-use tools to create SMS messaging campaigns with no app development required
  • Include segmentation and personalization within all SMS messages
  • View and track performance in real-time


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Maximize your reach with SMS marketing

Personalized SMS messages are opened within seconds of being received and have high response and engagement rates, ideal for transactional messaging. Don't think of SMS messages as a "nice to have" or "added extra" - integrate them into your next campaign.

Create, send and track mobile messaging campaigns in more than 90 countries. SMS messages maximize reach as they are delivered to "old" feature phones as well as the latest smartphones. Plus, no matter if the smartphone is running iOS or Android (or any other operating system), no internet connection is needed to receive your message.

It's easier than you think

We've made SMS marketing easy to implement and deliver thanks to our pre-defined SMS templates. You can quickly create, edit, or remove keywords to support mobile campaigns directly within our portal. If you're already using an external system, our flexible API can help you seamlessly manage your mobile campaigns.

Use SMS marketing for immediate results

Use SMS marketing for immediate results

Get creative and start using SMS marketing for outbound messages, voting / polling or updates and alerts! It will bring you closer to your audience, generate immediate engagement, and give you useful insight into customer behaviour.

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