Expand your business with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an essential tool. Reach your customers directly via their preferred social media channels and develop new relationships.

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Your new customers are here - where are you?

With social media now a part of everyday life, you have the opportunity to engage with both current and potential customers in real time, any time. The leads are out there; three out of four adults worldwide are active users of social networks, and the average user has accounts across five social media platforms. If your customers are using multiple platforms, shouldn’t you?

Start winning social media marketing today! Take advantage of our social media marketing tool to:

Social Media Marketing
  • Manage your brand and increase product awareness.
  • Get a complete and comprehensive view of your network activity.
  • Ensure posts look exactly how you want them to, thanks to a live preview feature.
  • Automate a continuous stream of posts to publish at various intervals to stay current and have an active presence.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your social efforts with performance tracking.
  • Increase ROI using enhanced ad targeting.
  • Understand your social data and measure the performance of your campaigns with advanced data analytics.
  • Spread the word about relevant offers through the greater reach of your campaign and benefit simultaneously from high return rates.
  • Compare your performance to that of your competitors.

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The numbers speak for themselves

Social media is pretty popular - Facebook has over 1.71 billion users daily, and Twitter boasts 313 million active users. People obviously enjoy social media as nearly 20% of total time spent online is on social platforms. It is attracting more and more fans - an astounding one million new active mobile social users are added every day. With those kinds of numbers, brands are leveraging effective content and creating campaigns that engage their networks in conversations to keep their name on everyone’s lips.

Develop a deeper relationship with your customers

Develop a deeper relationship with your customers

Social media for businesses is about more than just posting information, it is vital for customer service. Our web-based social media marketing tool not only allows you to create posts and share media on multiple platforms, but also delivers efficient analysis of traffic and trends to keep you ahead of the competition.

Via a single engagement page, you can easily monitor inbound activity across multiple social media channels and be in touch with your audience anytime, anywhere. You can respond quickly to any questions or concerns and solve problems in seconds. See your customer loyalty and satisfaction numbers rise.

Harness the power of today's ultimate business tool--social media!