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Audience API

Activate the Full Potential of your Mapp Data and Develop Website Content Based on Granular Visitor Segments.

Use Audience API to link Mapp to your onsite personalization systems.

Increase your conversions with a targeted customer approach based on custom user segments.

Live optimization for targeted marketing

Activate your first-party data for marketing purposes by linking to your personalization systems or ad servers. Optimize your websites and online shops in real-time and increase both customer value and satisfaction by catering to individual interests.

Welcoming each visitor personally: an example

A customer bought a high-end product on their first visit. Within Mapp segmentation, the customer is classified as a ‘premium customer’. When this person revisits your website, Audience API queries their visitor segment from your website personalization tool in real-time. The result is that the user is assigned to the ‘premium customer’ segment. This means, as a result, this person sees suitable premium offers upon return visits. This significantly reduces the bounce rate, increases the likelihood of purchase, and increases customer satisfaction.

The benefits of Audience API:

  • Populate third-party systems with your first-party data – completely anonymously
  • Populate CRM databases with Mapp data or enrich CRM information with data and transfer to a third-party system
  • Populate ad servers with information on visitor segments so you can display onsite personalized offers
  • Implement intelligent data governance by populating all your systems with anonymized user data

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