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Onsite Personalization

Onsite Personalization – Real-Time Customization

Use your data to give customers what they want

With Onsite Personalization you can optimize your website visitor’s experience – this creates a win-win for both the visitor and your organization. Define target groups based on numerous variables, such as location, device information, historic user behavior, purchase history, referrer, and keep your visitors engaged.

Content Changes with your Customer:

  • Use analytics data and rich user profiles to segment your visitors into behavioral groups.
  • Create custom rules for specific campaigns both short and long-term
  • Individual teasers, smart product recommendations or even completely customized landing pages.
  • Test different content for each segment to find out what people are truly interested in

Customize, Optimize, Win

Keep people on your website longer by engaging them in smarter ways. Interests and needs are different for new shop visitors, returning visitors or long-term customers so you need to treat them differently, too.

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