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Product Recommendations

Hyper-Personalization Across All Channels Thanks to Perfectly Matched Product Recommendations

How to place customized offers and product proposals that are well received and convert.

Mapp makes it easy to provide customers and prospects with relevant product suggestions on websites, in apps, or via email. The basis for customized purchase recommendations is click and purchase behavior plus the history of each individual user. Enriched user profiles and search queries additionally support targeted recommendations. Select which products and offers are most relevant to your contacts.

Your advantages:

  • Customizable rules for customized cross-channel campaigns (localization, device information, purchase history, etc.)
  • Products, articles, special offers—create significant uplifts by linking products
  • Product recommendations can be displayed across multiple channels and easily adapted contextually
  • Leverage personalized offers to reduce cart abandonment rate
  • Segmentation and integration with existing User Relationship Management (URM) profiles
  • Utilize recommendation widgets to optimize for maximum conversion rates

Whether on websites, in apps or e-mails, implementation is very easy!

Our Product Recommendations can be used “out of the box.” Recommendations and purchase suggestions are based on personal user information, which promises to lead to successful results. This applies to websites and apps as well as email marketing.

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