Insight-led Marketing Stories

2nd Edition

How to boost Your Customer Loyalty in 2023

We hosted our second edition Insight-Led Marketing Stories Event with our loyalty partner, Antavo! During this session, we explored the Customer Experience trends you need to know in 2023, the future of MarTech, Antavo’s recent Global Customer Loyalty Report with case studies, and insight-led marketing stories from our clients PBSL and PepsiCo.


The Story Tellers

Sheila Power

Chief Sales Officer

Ricardas Montvila

VP Global Strategy

Olga Denning

Digital Product Manager

Joshua Beale

Principal Account Director

Suzana Bulearca



The State of Customer Experience in 2023: Survey Results
Ricardas Montvila, VP Global Strategy, Mapp
Hear the Customer Experience 2023 trends from our latest survey and the future of MarTech.
PBSL: Mastering Multi-Brand Personalization & Cultivating Customer Loyalty
Suzana Bulearca, CMO, PBSL
Our client PBSL shares how the group works with Mapp Cloud to drive its multi-brand personalization and grow customer loyalty.
Antavo: Key Insights from the Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023 with Success Stories from KFC and BrewDog
Sheila Power, Chief Sales Officer and Joe Danter, Director of Sales, Antavo
Learn insights from Antavo’s global loyalty report and KFC, Beigzeit, and BrewDog’s success stories about loyalty programs.
Pepsico: Maximising MACH and 1st Party Data with Mapp
Olga Denning, Digital Product Manager, PepsiCo
Stepping in for Olga, Josh Beale takes the stage to uncover how PepsiCo uses first-party data for its marketing campaigns with a Cruesli success story.
Check out our the highlights from this Insight-Led Marketing Stories Event!