Marketing at your beck and call

Multi-channel marketing forces us all to wear multiple hats. With Mapp Cloud, you can become the Master & Commander of all your marketing efforts. 

Direct from the source

With any kind of communication, something inevitably gets lost when information is passed from person to person. In our experience, the same applies to dealing with multiple marketing platforms: By the time you’ve updated a fast-paced campaign for one channel, the other channels are outdated at best, or obsolete at worst.

This is where Mapp Cloud steps in. With us, you get one reliable platform for the whole marketing hurrah, on the spot when you need it. But also with a pick-and-choose approach for those neurotic types in the crowd - ourselves included ;) 

Curious? Have a look:

No more herding cats

At Mapp, we place a premium on process. But in the digital age, a process is only as good as the platform that supports it. And even the best of teams need to have the right tools to deliver consistent quality on the fly. With Mapp Cloud, you can provide all stakeholders with one digital space for completing deliverables at every stage of the process.

In practice, it works like this:

• one central platform for all your multi-channel campaigns
• sync with your entire digital ecosystem (and make the IT guys happy)
• manage and deliver content through the right channels
• track how your content is performing and tweak on the fly
• automate to increase engagement, automate to increase engagement, automate to…
• maintain conversations people are actually interested in (based on their behaviour)
• segment that nebulous blob of a target group with a snazzy drag & drop interface

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