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A warm welcome to the Fall Update 2022

Check out all 9 features that we just released!

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Mapp Engage Updates

Preview: New Microsites Builder

Get a “first look” at the new Microsites Builder for Mapp Engage! This feature will be fully available in 2023, but we are already excited to share a sneak peek of the wholly revamped UI that will make building your own microsites and landing pages easier. We will be improving the Microsites Builder even further by updating related features, such as CMS blocks and frameworks.

Got some preview feedback to share? We’d love to hear it: productfeedback@mapp.com

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Mapp Marketing Cloud x Shopify Connector

Mapp Marketing Cloud now fully integrates with the eCommerce platform Shopify. In addition to the existing Connector for Mapp Intelligence, our Shopify plugin now automatically syncs product information, enriches user profiles, and imports orders in Mapp Engage. Thanks to the new Connector, marketers can analyze their eCommerce performance and leverage these insights for more personalized customer communications.

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Additional Authentication Option for Mobile Channels

Our additional support for Apple's .p8 key file helps establish a secure and stateless connection with the Apple Push Notification (APN) service. This new method is available alongside the existing certificate-based authentication (.p12 certificate file).

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Mapp Intelligence Updates

AI-based Revenue Monitoring for Your Business

Our Smart Notifications just got even smarter! Easily monitor your business’ revenue to automatically detect anomalies and uncover possible root causes. Was there a Public Holiday in one of your markets? Or maybe a technical problem in the checkout process for a certain device category? Our AI-based Revenue Monitoring instantly identifies these problems for you, in an automated way.

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Improved Date Picker to Select Analysis Time Range

As requested by users, the date picker in Mapp Intelligence has been completely revamped and now supports time ranges down to the minute level. Visualizations have also been added for the time zone configured in your Intelligence account.

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Coming Soon: Simplified Raw Data Export

Working with the Mapp Intelligence Raw Data Export just got easier! Instead of exporting multiple files for each parameter type, you can now export one file per custom parameter type (including all your custom parameters of that type). This comes into effect on January 8th, 2023 and requires changes on your end. Please refer to our release notes for more instructions.

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Analytics API Enhancements

Our Analytics API for Mapp Intelligence has been extended to add more analysis types with added support for KPIs, Sparklines, and Comparisons. The API also enables you to build your own solutions for dashboards, reports, and analyses outside of the Mapp Intelligence UI.

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New scheduling options for Marketing Automation campaigns

Here's to more control over scheduling your campaigns! Based on your feedback, new options have been added to configure the campaign frequency in the Marketing Automation Mapp Intelligence module. You can also configure the start/end time, rather than just the date.

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Updated Pixel Debug Plugin

Mapp Intelligence Debug Plugin has been polished up and now comes with increased performance, and additional information such as the server-set everID. Other tracking endpoints have also been added and you can investigate optouts or redirects, among others already available.

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Mapp Academy Improved User Interface

Mapp Academy offers a full self-service solution to learn all about Mapp Marketing Cloud to help you become a Certified User or Partner. You can learn all the ins and outs of our products when it suits you. Our Academy’s UI has been revamped with a new navigation bar and an updated login page. Expect even more improvements soon!

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