A warm welcome to our June Product Update!

Introducing our 9 exciting new features below, developed to help supercharge your customer engagement and make smarter decisions!

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Magento Plugin for Mapp Cloud

Magento Plugin

Explore our upgraded plugin that seamlessly integrates Magento (Adobe Commerce) with Mapp Cloud to take your customer experiences to the next level. With real-time insights easily available, you can create personalized cross-channel campaigns based on your customers behavior. Go further and tap into predicting shopping behavior to fine-tune your strategies and maximize your marketing impact.

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Mapp Engage Updates

New Tap-to-Call Action for your Mobile Push Campaigns

Get in touch with your customers by enabling them to call you directly from a mobile push message or in-app message. Our new tap-to-call feature allows you to provide a phone number as a call-to-action so customers can connect with you instantaneously. You can also analyze your customers’ behavior through your mobile channel statistics and optimize campaigns accordingly.

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Send Better Emails with Inbox Monitoring and Inbox Rendering

Improve your emails' performance by previewing them across various email clients (Inbox Rendering) and testing their deliverability for various providers (Inbox Monitoring). Our inbox service has also been enhanced for simplified set up and is now accessible under the "Administration" menu in Mapp Engage.

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In case you missed it, here are other Engage features we've updated earlier this year :

Mapp Intelligence Updates

Create Your Own Time Periods

Every business is different, and so are its analytics needs. You can now create your own custom dynamic time periods for analyses and dashboards, to compare your marketing performance as needed. For instance, let’s say the last week of the quarter is important to your business and you want to dynamically compare the performance of the last week of the last quarter, with the last week of the quarter before that. Now you can! Our powerful tool enables you to create your own dynamic time periods that you can easily select in each analysis and dashboard.

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Monitor and Undo Configuration Changes

Introducing our new feature for Mapp Intelligence admins that allows you to easily monitor your setup. The new Changelog provides a history of changes and the ability to undo them as needed. This update is currently limited to changes of the new Custom Dynamic Time Periods but will be extended in the future to include all types of configuration changes in Mapp Intelligence.

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Updates to the Analytics API

Our Analytics API for Mapp Intelligence can be used to calculate time series analyses, one of the many analysis types in Mapp Intelligence. Easily copy the configuration of any time series analysis directly from the user interface so you can recreate the same analysis via API.

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Video Analytics for YouTube

Unleash the potential of video analytics and gain valuable insights to optimize your cross-channel strategy with our new YouTube Plugin. Thanks to its user-friendly implementation, this plugin enables you to track essential interactions like play, pause, seek, position, and more in Mapp Intelligence. You can also add event parameters to gain a deeper understanding, easily organize your media using categories, and personalize video titles to suit your needs.

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More flexibility for your Online Placements

Personalizing your website just got easier! You can now manually select which website element you want to personalize, not just by div id, but also via CSS selectors.

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Mapp Cloud Debugger: Browser Detection and Content Engagement Updates

User-Agent Client Hints will soon replace User Agents to identify your visitor's browse and device from Chromium-based browsers. To support you in this change, we've updated our Mapp Cloud Debugger browser extension to ensure all clients hints are sent with the track requests. We've also enhanced our Debugging options for the Content Engagement Plugin to ensure a seamless and accurate measurement of user engagement with articles.

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In case you missed it, here are other Intelligence features we've updated earlier this year:

Mapp Cloud for Resellers

Empower: Inbox Monitoring & Rendering Updates

Resellers using Empower can benefit from optimizing their emails by checking and troubleshooting for inconsistencies before they are sent. The Inbox Monitoring and Rendering features are only a request away to be enabled for the Reseller account, to then be conveniently activated for any of the chosen clients. Follow documentation pages to make the best use of the features.

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