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The Spring update and its 12 new features is now live!
Check them all now.

Mapp Engage Updates
VTEX Plugin

Mapp Marketing Cloud now offers the VTEX integration for both our Engage & Intelligence solutions. The integration runs on a no-code approach and is highly beneficial for eCommerce customers using Mapp Engage for customer communication and the VTEX eCommerce software.

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Additional improvements
  • Marketing Calendar
    You can now preview all message activities across channels in the new Mapp Engage calendar. The cross-channel view includes sent messages, as well as scheduled ones.
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  • Swagger specification for REST API
    The Mapp Engage REST API now supports the Swagger Specification. It allows customers and partners to easily understand how to benefit from Mapp's API, by implementing it in their software projects.
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  • Automate system tasks with System Whiteboards
    System Whiteboards make it easy for you to automate the jobs you want Mapp Engage to get done, such as exporting data, importing contacts, and more. Simply select the job, choose a specific time and date – and cross the tasks off your to-do list!
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  • "Best Sendout Time" Improvements
    We always want to make sure your messages reach your customer at the right time. To help, our algorithm has had some TLC to improve accuracy for the "Best Sendout Time" feature for contacts with uncommon engagement patterns.
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  • Bubble.io Plugin
    Mapp Marketing Cloud is now fully integrated with the intuitive no-code solution Bubble.io. Bubble allows you to build complex web applications without needing any coding or advanced technical knowledge. Would you like to build your own custom profile center? With Mapp Marketing Cloud and Bubble.io, this option is now available to all marketers!
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  • Enhanced Statistics for Mobile In-App Messages
    Mapp Engage now offers comprehensive reporting for your in-app messages. Easily track customer behavior in a consolidated place and quickly act upon it.
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Mapp Intelligence Updates
Multiple Sorting Criteria for Analyses

All Mapp Intelligence users benefit from more accurate analysis interpretations. The tool now allows sorting by multiple columns, both in the interface and via API – enabling, for example, trend analyses to be displayed by hours and minutes at the same time.

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Additional improvements
  • Updated Pre-defined Tracking Parameters
    In order to help our customers make the most of our advanced analytics tool, we improved our implementation guidelines to include an updated set of pre-defined parameters.
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  • Updated Pixel Debug Plugin
    With this update, the Mapp Intelligence Debug Plugin increases its functionalities such as Firefox & Microsoft Edge support, pixel configuration settings, amount of pixel instances on site, and UI improvements.
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  • New Navigation UI
    Your Mapp Intelligence navigation bar just got a (well-done) facelift!
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  • Google Tag Manager Support for Adobe Commerce (Magento) Plugin
    Customers with an existing implementation of Google Tag Manager (GTM) can now easily deploy Mapp Intelligence on their Magento-based website, by using the Adobe Commerce (Magento) plugin for Mapp Intelligence.
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