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Our Winter Update includes 11 new functionalities and improvements throughout Mapp Marketing Cloud.

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Mobile marketing: take it up a notch
Mapp is all about the effectiveness of cross-channel marketing, including mobile which allows marketers to reach their customers on the go and build highly engaging experiences. Here are 5 new features to help you grow your mobile channel strategy:
  • A/B test your mobile push messages
    Following A/B testing for emails, marketers now also have the possibility to test two or more variants of their mobile push messages in their marketing scenario to see which automation workflow drives more conversions.
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  • Mobile push and in-app events in segmentation builder
    Marketers can now build advanced segmentation based on push notifications and in-app events to ensure precise targeting of their audience.
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Other improvements
Mobile push now supported by APIs
Mapp Marketing Cloud now allows marketers to leverage the mobile push channel via API to create and send personalized mobile push campaigns.
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Mobile push events in Response Queue
Mobile push events are now available in the Response Queue (just like mobile SMS events) and can be polled in real-time.
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New mobile SDK plugins available in Mapp Engage
Our SDK6 integration for Mapp Engage now includes Xamarin & Cordova plugins for extended use of the mobile channel.
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Mapp Engage: act upon real-time events and reach the right audience
Our Mapp Engage updates should get you launching even more seamless, engaging communications for your audience thanks to an optimized orchestration and enriched targeting options.
  • Build effective abandoned cart & wishlist campaigns
    With Abandoned cart and Wishlist events now available in Mapp's segmentation builder and Whiteboard, marketers can create advanced real-time marketing scenarios when customers abandon a basket or add items to their Wishlist to re-engage them in their purchasing journey.
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  • Optimized audience management
    Users will be able to reuse existing audiences built-in Mapp's segmentation interface and create blocks of common selections to activate them in more complex marketing scenarios - in a simpler way.
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Other improvements
New API method for messages
Mapp Marketing Cloud's new API method allows you to preview and test your prepared messages without logging into Mapp Engage.
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Content management improvements
From a new message category option to new special characters supported in the email name, our customers can now benefit from an enhanced workflow in the message creation process.
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Mapp Intelligence: revamped export functionality for smarter reporting
Mapp Intelligence now offers a completely revamped export functionality for reports and analyses to ensure an optimized user experience and smarter reporting.
  • Export management monitoring
    Starting today, you can configure multiple export schedules for your reports, so you easily get daily, weekly or monthly updates for the most important dashboards in your inbox. Your reports can also be exported regularly to the SFTP servers of your choice. Any problems with automated report exports are now logged in the message feed so you can quickly act upon them.
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  • New connection profile store
    We have also launched a new feature that manages the connection profiles for your export destinations in one central location. Intelligence admins will be able to configure multiple export destinations that users can leverage without the need of sharing passwords and other connection details while keeping full control over who can configure scheduled exports.
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Other improvements
Pre-announcement: Device detection
In 6 weeks from now, our enriched architecture will make all your Device, Browser, and Platform data available in Raw data and Data Streams. Marketers will benefit from more granular data and improved data analyses to make better-informed decisions.
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