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Case Study
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How the digital public library helps create unique experiences for 5.5 million users

The Digital Public Library (formerly The Danish Digital Library) is an association that operates and manages the digital services for their library members and the public.

How the Digital Public Library Helps Create Unique Experiences for 5.5 Million Users


Get a better understanding of their customers to trigger the right message, with a GDPR compliant solution.


Better understand the many different user needs to improve user experience of their websites.

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The Digital Public Library (formerly The Danish Digital Library) is an association that operates and manages the digital services for their library members and the public.

The association includes all the country’s municipalities, as well as Greenland, The Faroe Islands, and South Schleswig. It is the association’s responsibility to develop and maintain a platform for websites through which public libraries can make their online materials and physical catalogues available to the public, along with all other relevant library services and information.


Having full visibility into The Digital Public Library’s data and user behavior through Mapp and Combine Digital has enabled them to feed the data and insights into multiple touchpoints across their business, including strategy and prioritization. It has also secured the means for content providers to monitor a large number of metrics around specific pieces of content. With a platform design currently underway, The Digital Public Library is using the combined data from both partners to ensure that they are focusing on the most needed areas first. First-party data is crucial to the success of this massive project.

After working with Combine Digital for many years, we were delighted when they introduced us to Mapp. The combination of Mapp Intelligence and Combine Digital has provided The Digital Public Library with a professional and honest service that is consistently adding value to our proposition. We now get a very wide array of functionality and a prime service from two key partners.
Sofie Richardy & Tue Gaston
Consultant & Specialist

Needed a Solution to Better Understand Many Different Users

It was essential for The Digital Public Library to find a technology partner that would help them:

  • Better understand the many different users
  • Improve user experience of their websites
  • Increase the availability of resources across all Danish public libraries
  • Provide relevant information to the right person, at the right time

Mapp and Combine Digital were chosen as partners to help The Digital Public Library. While Combine Digital collects anonymous visitor data from the association’s websites, Mapp enriches it with user analytics. It was vital that the data being collected from their website and app was transformed into actionable insights to allow them to push their online strategy, as well as improve the user experience. Another key requirement of The Digital Public Library was that all collected data was accurate and valid.

Furthermore, The Digital Public Library wanted to select a high-quality platform that could meet their needs for a wide range of actions and could easily be expanded with data-driven possibilities and automated engagement to become a modern digital library and innovate for the future. Finally, The Digital Public Library was looking for a 100% GDPR-compliant solution with data stored in the EU, where they retained full control of their own data.


Measuring Real-Time User Behaviour with Mapp Marketing Cloud

In 2018, The Digital Public Library chose to implement Mapp Intelligence, after consultations with Combine Digital, to measure user behavior, and to improve the user experience for their 5.5 million users. Since then, both partners have been working very closely and in conjunction with The Digital Public Library to ensure a seamless experience for the association and their end users.

The solution from both partners included:

  • Integration and module based custom tracking added to 100 different websites
  • Action tracking to enhance insights into website and app user behaviour
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