Expert Manages the Marketing of 400+ Stores with Mapp Cloud

Expert International is the world’s most significant retail chain of consumer electronics, with a strong presence in Europe. In Italy, they manage 400 stores across the country with a three-level pyramid business structure. Due to their complex company architecture, Expert made the decision to rely on a professional 360-degree digital marketing software. In 2016, they chose Mapp Cloud as their main marketing communication platform.


Electronics Retail


Key Challenges

Expert was looking for a platform that could manage more than 400 physical stores in Italy all from one place
Each store manager needed to be able to segment their database, easily build emails, send SMS campaigns, and manage transactional messages with data from their CRM
Expert wanted to unify all their social media communications


1. TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: Within Mapp Cloud, Expert was particularly interested in Mapp Engage’s cross-channel marketing capabilities. The digital marketing platform was integrated with Expert’s existing MarTech stack and data sources. Now, Mapp Engage receives new user data via API in real-time in order to generate event-triggered emails. Every night Mapp Engage imports the new and updated customer profiles, as well as the list of previous day purchases.

2. GROUP MANAGEMENT: Mapp also helped Expert customize their Mapp Engage instance to fit their needs. With Expert’s pyramid-structured company, Mapp enabled the main office to work on all of the platform groups with the help of Supergroup.Then Mapp created 12 subgroups for the different associates and, below that, a group for each individual store, enabling the store managers to market to their local prospects and customers.The Supergroup feature is like the captain of a team. The captain can command all the subgroups, in this case 400+ local stores.This allows Expert to schedule just one campaign from the Supergroup rather than scheduling 400 individual ones.

3. CROSS-CHANNEL MARKETING: With Mapp Cloud, Expert has total control over their cross-channel marketing efforts, including email, mobile, and social. They use email and SMS for automated communications, abandoned cart campaigns, and transactional messages. Expert now also has one single hub for all of their social media communications. From their HQ, they are able to plan all social media posts to drive people to their physical stores as all 400 individual Facebook profiles are unified in the platform.


stores use in Mapp Cloud
10% > 47%
increase in email open rate after implementing welcome email
email open rate and 25% click- through rate for birthday email
  • Mapp Cloud has helped Expert remove internal data silos and expand the ways in which they can reach customers
  • Expert now has total control over their entire digital marketing communication ranging from email to mobile to social
  • Expert replaced the manual building of email campaigns with Mapp Engage’s multi-channel automation Whiteboard to set up event-triggered and time-triggered communications
  • Their social media communication is unified, allowing HQ to approve content and share it while maintaining brand identity, improving customer engagement, and increasing revenue
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