Why Freesat Chose Mapp as Their Technology Partner

Freesat is a subscription-free satellite TV service offering “no subscriptions, just great telly.” Even though they partnered with Mapp only a couple of months ago, they are already fully integrated with the platform and their marketing campaigns are up and running. Freesat is a company with big ambitions for their marketing – and Mapp is helping them realize those ambitions.


Subscription TV

United Kingdom

Key Challenges


1. Freesat’s primary objective is increasing awareness for their TV service and informing people that there is a smarter choice when it comes to watching great TV. Freesat operates in a highly competitive market and, therefore, need to make people aware of the differences between their service and the competitor’s offerings – and, ultimately, convince competitors’ users to choose Freesat.

2. Freesat had been capturing customer data for some time, but it hadn’t really been used as effectively as possible. They wanted to be more data-drivenand personalize the customer journey in a way that they weren’t able to do with their previous marketing tools. With a data-driven approach, they have more control over the journey – and are able to expand to new channels – and turn a visitor who comes to their website into a loyal, engaged customer.

3. Freesat wasn’t just in search of a new email tool, they were looking for a vendor who could partner with them to reach their marketing goals. A hands-off account management team didn’t fit their current needs, so the challenge was finding a partner that could help them evolve, as well as a platform that could evolve with them.

We weren’t looking for just a short-term provider, but for a long-term partner. Mapp understands our business and where we want to go. Mapp’s marketing platform isn’t just for now, it is a platform that we can use five years down the line because we know we have a platform that can grow with us.

- Steven Doak Customer Marketing Manager at Freesat
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As soon as Freesat switched to Mapp’s platform, they were able to clean up their existing database and get it primed to draw actionable insights. With Mapp, they are able to capture more data than ever before, so the team is on their way to making exclusively data-driven marketing decisions. Freesat is capturing email click behavior, website interaction, content preferences, and TV interests. Mapp is helping Freesat use all this data to better manage the customer journey and present customers with relevant content.

Freesat also has a new preference center in Mapp Engage, which allows customers to share what genre of TV they are interested in and how often they want to hear from Freesat. With Mapp, there are no limits to how many people they can send to the preference center (unlike other ESPs), which allows for creative campaigns to capture new data.

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Mapp understands our business and proactively develops ideas to help us grow. When we present them with a challenge, Mapp helps us generate new ideas on how to solve it. We are a small marketing team, so having a partner that can bring on board the latest thinking and best practice means we can serve our customers better.

- Steven Doak Customer Marketing Manager at Freesat

What's Next

Mapp was integrated with Freesat’s existing marketing technology to produce single customer views, which provides a one-stop shop for everything they need to know about their customers. They can now personalize messaging for the different types of visitors, including prospects and returning customers. If a non-customer visits the website, and opts in to marketing, Freesat can now capture several data points that then feed conversion campaigns convincing users to switch TV services.

Freesat is well on their way to becoming a truly data-driven company with personalized and automated marketing campaigns that improve the customer journey.

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