How JYSK moved to one unified marketing database in a global company

The Danish company JYSK delivers a great Scandinavian offer for everyone within sleeping and living with a strong online and offline presence. In Germany, it is especially known for its brand Dänisches Bettenlager. One of JYSK’s key challenges was unifying their database for all marketing activities across different regions and languages – until they partnered with Mapp in 2014.


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Key Challenges


1. JYSK has more than 2,800 stores globally, located in 52 countries. With all the different requirements for their local marketing strategies, it’s crucial that everyone works from the ‘single source of truth’.

2. JYSK needed templates that were easy to set up, edit, and adjust, as new emails are built and sent every day. This could not be achieved without a variety of templates at the team’s disposal. Dependencies on HTML experts would significantly slow down the creation process.

3. JYSK could not risk having limitations to the number of users for a tool or the amount of data delivered and stored. A lot of people are logged in at the same time and are working on different projects.

The first thing I teach my new team members is to look at the numbers. We have the advantage of seeing our full historical data and learn from the past. It is a great way to quickly understand what has worked in the past and to get a good feeling for our marketing. It always pays off to take time to analyze which elements and subject lines are working.

- Jacob Kruse Email Marketing Specialist at JYSK
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Mapp’s cross-channel marketing solution, Mapp Engage, is an essential part of the JYSK marketing stack to overcome their challenges. The tool is mainly used for email marketing and automation, with the plan to add more integrations with other systems. Mapp Engage also functions as a way to monitor consent. All consent information is automatically exported on an FTP server and stored for two years, as required by GDPR.

Email marketing is one of JYSK’s preferred digital marketing channels due to the low cost and the high engagement rate. Campaign themes are aligned across online and offline channels so that all touchpoints deliver the same message. Their strong offline presence, with more than 2,800 stores globally, call for different marketing approaches in each region. Hence, it’s essential to the company that Mapp’s analytics can easily be broken down by region to identify and cater to local preferences.

Mapp Engage also provides unlimited, individual logins for each global team member so that there is no risk of overwriting through shared login credentials. Around 25 employees log into Mapp Engage on a daily basis. Mapp’s statistics tab is a favorite amongst many and plays an integral part in growing towards a data- driven company. The platform KPIs JYSK is reporting on regularly include open rate, click-through rate and click-to-open rate – all sources from Mapp’s platform.

I have Mapp’s platform open at all times and I am logged in about 35 hours a week. I always have an eye on the numbers and try to improve my campaigns constantly.

- Jacob Kruse Email Marketing Specialist at JYSK

What's Next

Since implementing Mapp Engage in 2014, JYSK’s email open rate has increased by almost 10%.
In the future, JYSK plans to implement an even more intelligent and dynamic approach to their marketing. The big goal in the short-term is to not only personalize marketing activities based on data from the different sources, but to be able to react in real-time. Further integrations of Mapp’s platform with other systems and relevant partners will help move towards this objective. In order to stay up to date with the newest developments and possibilities, JYSK is in regular contact with Mapp’s Email Deliverability Team. A monthly call ensures that both sides stay well-informed on current email send-out and performance issues, new features, and challenges.
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