The Power of First Party Data: A PepsiCo Case Study

Since 2016, PepsiCo has trusted Mapp’s powerful customer data platform (CDP) with storing their 1st party data across multiple brands, such as Walkers, Quaker Oats, Lays, Doritos, and PepsiMAX to name a few, in their Europe Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA) region.

PepsiCo knows that 1st party consumer data is the most valuable marketing asset, and they have three primary methods to collect it. They applied their marketing expertise in a campaign called “The Battle” in The Netherlands to drive social engagement and revive a “dusty” brand image for Quaker Oats.

In partnership with Mapp, Quaker Oats embarked on a year-long interactive, cross-media campaign to gather and activate first-party data. Download the case study to see how they set out on their successful mission and the results they achieved.