Mistertemp’ Turns Temp Agency Into a Fully-Digital Business with Mapp

MisterTemp’ is an online temporary work agency established in February 2017 by the Alphyr Group, a leading franchiser in temporary work in France.


Temp Work Agency


Key Challenges

Find an easy-to-implement and affordable solution meeting all of MisterTemp's requirements
Find the right technology equipped with a powerful workflow management module to improve matchmaking speed and efficiency
Select a platform that allows the on-boarding of a 250,000-candidate CRM database

To develop its online multichannel capabilities, Alphyr Group created MisterTemp’, a fully-digital service. This business model is particularly suited to the types of temporary work assignments that require minimal customization and manual sourcing (e.g. warehouse workers or greeters). For these temporary jobs, Alphyr automatically directs companies to its 100% digital agency MisterTemp’: a low-cost, onestop shop accompanying businesses until they sign the online contract with potential hires. Their goal is to assign a temporary worker to a recruiter within one hour.

To accomplish this task, MisterTemp’ needed a powerful, affordable, and automated marketing solution.

“Thanks to the Whiteboard enabled automation from Mapp Engage, we can easily set up our lead nurturing workflows and finely segment the candidates we will propose to our clients.”

- Tristan Lhermitte Product Manager of MisterTemp'


After evaluating the options, Jean-Loup Wirotius and his team chose Mapp Engage, Mapp Digital’s marketing automation platform, in February 2018. At Mapp Engage’s core is the Automation Whiteboard, equipped with powerful lead nurturing workflows. Mistertemp’ applies the Whiteboard’s abilities to match candidates to temp jobs based on a variety of criteria, such as experience, location, applicants’ availability, and their preference for jobs similar to those proposed by the client.

Mapp Engage then sends daily emails to MisterTemp’s clients to share the most suitable candidate profiles available. This solution effectively and efficiently delivers the most relevant applications to recruiters. When a recruiter expresses their interest by clicking on an email, a member of the MisterTemp’ in-house sales team calls them as soon as possible to get the hiring process started. If none of the candidates in the database meet the desired specifications, the system enables recruiters to finetune their requirements.

“With Mapp Engage, we have demonstrated that a fully-digital approach can considerably accelerate the matchmaking process between client requests and temporary worker profiles”

- Jean-Loup Wirotius Sales and Marketing Manager of MisterTemp’


emails sent per month
emails sent last month
email acceptance rate

In less than three months, the automated platform was fully functional, including candidate databases, CRM onboarding, real-time updates, and the implementation of high-end matching features. After four months of email campaign personalization with Mapp Engage, MisterTemp’ witnessed a quick return on investment thanks to the numerous possibilities of its lead nurturing workflows. This solution makes it possible to speed up the matchmaking between a client’s request and suitable candidates. As a result, MisterTemp’ has been able to completely automate the process of sending personalized emails and generating a recommendation as pertinent as one from a (human) consultant.

The success can be found in the numbers. MisterTemp’ has obtained open rates of 49% with their email campaigns. In addition, the nominal rate of unsubscribes to email notifications is an indication of client satisfaction and proves the effectiveness of the system’s personalized recommendations. With the help of Mapp’s personalization feature, Mistertemp’s conversion rate is approximately 15% – much higher than they have ever seen before.

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