Media Company Mondadori Breaks Away From The Pack With Content-Rich Newsletters

Mondadori is among the leading media companies in France and Italy. They publish more than thirty press titles, including Closer, Grazia, BIBA, Top Health, Téléstar, Auto Plus, Le Chasseur Français, and Science & Vie. In 2019, Mondadori was acquired by Reworld Media (publisher of well-known titles, such as Marie-Claire, Maisons & Travaux, and Auto Moto), making it the #1 magazine publisher in France.



Italy & France

Key Challenges

Interacting with the audience of each media title in a personalized way
Switching from a website-based approach to an ad-managed channel to develop monetized services
Incorporating email as an acquisition channel and managing newsletter sendouts through a simple platform

Mondadori’s brands have an online presence across websites, mobile apps, and third-party partner portals. Coordinated by a team of 30, the digital marketing team manages Mondadori’s advertising network that is intensively used to promote their media titles.

Due to the media crisis (which affects both the print and digital sector) and the decline in advertising revenue caused by the rise of GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft), Mondadori was forced to reinvent themselves. They needed to create a new economic model based on monetized services and subscriptions.

To stay competitive, Mondadori developed a new business strategy focused on providing personalized experiences to its readers through content-rich email newsletters rather than publishing directly to the individual magazine websites.

“The monitoring of the efficiency of our email campaigns, as well as Mapp’s customer support have been very effective. Working with Mapp is a very good experience.”

Mondadori logo
- Aurélien Briquet Digital Technical Director at Mondadori


In order to provide content-rich email newsletters that would help grow revenue, Mondadori needed a strong marketing technology partner to help execute on their new business strategy. After a thorough evaluation, Mondadori determined that Mapp Cloud was best suited for their needs based on features and pricing.

This disruptive marketing approach was put in motion with BIBA, a women’s beauty and fashion magazine, in 2018. BIBA’s website will be phased out as it is replaced by an editorialized newsletter adapted to its younger readership by the editorial staff.

“Getting started with Mapp Engage was quick. Onboarding was done in less than a month!”

Mondadori logo
- Aurélien Briquet Digital Technical Director at Mondadori


newsletters sent weekly to BIBA subscribers
new subscribers after each weekly mailing
average open rate of the BIBA newsletter

Getting up and running with Mapp Engage was very fast, with the platform being operational for the editorial teams in under a month. As non-tech savvy users, Mapp Engage’s ease of use was very well received by the team of journalists.

The sending of newsletters for BIBA started in October 2018, with 8,000 subscribers. The number of subscribers has since increased from 200 to 250 new subscribers each time this weekly newsletter is sent out, with an average open rate of more than 15%.

Mapp Engage has only been in place for 4 months for BIBA, yet Mondadori is already considering its use for their other titles too. Dr. Good, a health magazine, and Grazia, a women’s magazine, will be shifting to the same approach in 2020: no dedicated site, but a unique presence via email newsletter.

In addition to automating tailored messages and newsletters to subscribers, Mondadori has started bringing print, email, and SMS closer together in order to achieve a multichannel marketing approach.

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