JAN-29 WEBINAR WITH FORRESTER: What CMO’s Demand from MarTech This Year

As a senior marketing executive, do you believe you’re delivering the best customer experience at every brand touch point?

The movement towards digital transformation was supposed to improve the customer experience. But in a new report being published this month, a team of researchers from Forrester Research, Inc., finds that “too many CMOs focus on short-term ROI driven decisions. Their teams lack the data and technology skills required to orchestrate the digital delivery of the brand promise.”1

How can you improve your company’s digital delivery? You’re invited to join Mapp’s new webinar “2019 Predictions: What CMOs Demand from MarTech This Year” featuring guest speaker, Thomas Husson, VP & Principal Analyst from Forrester Research.

Join this January 29 webinar to learn from Forrester and Mapp:

  • What data and technology skills marketing teams lack to deliver the perfect customer experience
  • How the CMO should evolve to accelerate their company’s digital transformation and data-driven initiatives
  • Why companies need the right balance of mature marketing technology with emerging tech like AI and conversational interfaces

By attending, you’ll be one of the first marketers to gain insights from Forrester’s new January report, “CMOs: Redefine Your Role In Business Transformation.” CEO of Mapp, Steve Warren, will join Thomas to highlight how brands of all sizes, not just large enterprises, can make the same demands from marketing technology.

Live webinar: Tuesday, January 29 at 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm GMT


Forrester, “CMOs: Redefine Your Role In Business Transformation”, 2019.


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