Monte-Carlo SBM Implements Marketing Automation With Mapp

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer (SBM) was founded in 1863 to promote Monte-Carlo as a tourist destination and attract wealthy customers to its casinos. The SBM brand encompasses numerous entities in the luxury hotels and leisure industry: 4 casinos, 4 hotels, 30 restaurants, and several theaters, thermal baths, beach spas, bars, and nightclubs. On top of that, SBM has entered the real estate business with its “One Monte Carlo” complex that is scheduled to open in February of 2019, offering floor space for seminars, conventions, and exhibitions.

Travel & Tourism


Key Challenges

Offer customers a consistent and seamless experience across all sectors
Consolidate the customer data from each brand within the group into a single customer data platform
Manage marketing campaigns with a powerful workflow tool

SBM had long been organized into two autonomous divisions: one for casinos and one for their other hospitality activities. Each establishment had a dedicated marketing team launching independent marketing campaigns.

In 2015, SBM launched a “single customer view” project. They created a central strategic marketing division in charge of marketing operations for all brands within the group. The goal was to implement a marketing platform that could consolidate and unify all of the group’s customer data. This platform also needed to schedule and coordinate marketing campaigns via a powerful workflow tool that it could provide customers with tailored content according to their profiles, drawing from SMB’s wide range of offerings.

“The targeting and automation capabilities offered by Mapp Engage are very effective and enable us to optimize our main conversion channel, email marketing.”

- Aurélie Latore Relationship Marketing Manager at SBM


SBM chose Mapp Cloud as their digital marketing platform in 2011. When they decided to launch their “single customer view” project in 2015, SBM trusted Mapp as their partner to help them complete their transformation. Mapp’s open and flexible data architecture allowed SBM to consolidate the data from each business entity. This converged data – now enriched with more than 250 segmentation criteria –could be accessed by Mapp Engage, the marketing automation platform to execute accurate, data-driven marketing campaigns.

Powered by real-time customer data, SBM runs cross-channel marketing campaigns using email and SMS text messaging. Some of SBM’s campaigns include:

  • Monthly e-newsletters are personalized and automated based on customers’ areas of interest across their different product entities: casinos, hotels, restaurants, healthcare & well-being, clubbing, events or real estate. Personalization is based on scoring metrics from customers’ behavioral engagement with their entities.
  • Highly targeted “one-shot” campaigns as SBM tries to re-engage with customers from past events. For example, they contact everyone who visited the Monte-Carlo Grand Prix or the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival in the past 3 years and have clicked on relevant sections of SBM’s newsletters and had connected their devices to the SBM public WIFI network during these events with a compelling offer to re-engage Monte Carlo.
  • The “My Monte Carlo” loyalty program, initiated in early 2018 for the casino business, will be extended to all other entities at the beginning of the 2019 season. It will allow customers to enjoy benefits in all the SBM’s establishments. Within the framework of this unique loyalty program, Mapp Engage has enabled the automation of email and SMS campaigns with welcome messages, loyalty points, and client status statements.

“We work with Mapp in tandem. They support and advise us and transfer their knowledge to us. That’s exactly what I expect from a software vendor.”

- Aurélie Latore Relationship Marketing Manager at SBM


8 million
emails sent from 2018 campaigns
open rate for monthly newsletter
email deliverability rate

SBM will have sent approximately 8 million emails and 200,000 text messages from 250 campaigns by the end of 2018. The customization feature of Mapp Engage makes it possible to obtain extremely high email open rates of 25% across all campaigns, of which more than 50% were on mobile devices. In certain sectors, including thermal baths and casinos, newsletters reach 50% open rates with an average click-through rate of 8%. SBM customers’ satisfaction with these email marketing campaigns is evident from the low unsubscribe rate.

During flash sale email campaigns, Mapp’s platform makes it possible to track customers’ actions and monitor their activities on social media and the website. As a result, SBM is able to personalize specific messages and deliver them during customers’ unique multi-channel journey.

Aurélie Latore, Relationship Marketing Manager at SBM, has evaluated the return on investment of this project regarding conversions and found that email marketing is SBM’s number one conversion channel.

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