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5 Ways to Improve Email Marketing with Customer Data


Every data-driven marketers knows that evaluating email performance should go beyond the standard stats of delivery, open, and click rates. But for many companies, capturing the impact that emails have on the entire customer journey is tedious and manual, let alone optimizing future email blasts from those insights.

So how are cutting-edge companies achieving customer-centric email marketing? Watch the replay of Mapp Digital’s webinar to hear from industry-expert Kath Pay, Founder and CEO of Holistic Email Marketing. Kath will share what she’s seeing in the market, from both brands and email service providers, in “5 Ways to Improve Email Marketing with Customer Data.”

Kath Pay co-presents with Ric Montvila, Sr. Director of Strategy at Mapp. Together the two them discuss five trends that are changing email marketing best practices and share examples from Kath’s research and Mapp’s customer base.