How to Get Through a Pandemic: 100 Digital Tactics for Marketing Resilience and Growth


As a business, how do you get through a pandemic and emerge stronger and ready to capitalize on the opportunities ahead? The past few months have seen an unprecedented focus on digital channels – but with huge competition for consumer attention and online spend, could you be doing more?

Watch the recording of the webinar where we introduced the Digital Marketing Playbook. This must-have guide featuring 100 tactics will help you to improve your digital marketing and build resilience through small, easy to implement steps. With The Digital Marketing Playbook you will learn the best digital tactics that you can use – whether you want to acquire, nurture, grow or retain customers.

Here’s what was covered:

  • The Digital Marketing Playbook – and how it can help you develop effective marketing programs in 2020 and beyond.
  • Top Digital Tactics – such as funnel optimization, category triggers, life-cycle emails, segment analytics and RFM(E) modelling to name a few.
  • Expert Tips and Best Practice – on how to implement the tactics and likely effect on your bottom line.
  • How to Build Marketing Resilience & Improve Results – easily identify the next opportunities for improvement that will generate the biggest uplift in ROI with the least amount of effort.