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How to Re-engage Post-Black Friday


Do you plan to email your database to death with Black Friday promotions? With Black Friday falling on the latest possible date (Nov 29), retailers only have 26 days until Christmas this year. Effectively engaging shoppers before and after Black Friday is critical to your holiday season sales.

To avoid message fatigue and leverage the spike in shopping traffic, every retailer should watch the replay of this webinar to:
1. Capture new customer data with interactive solutions, both online and offline
2. Make sense of (and use!) the immediate insights you get from that data
3. Tailor your 2020 marketing to what items your holiday shoppers will likely buy next year

About Odicci: It’s an interactive marketing platform that captures and enriches customer profiles, through interactive, engaging digital experiences.
About Mapp: It’s an intelligent, cross-channel marketing platform that turns data into insights, and insights into real-time marketing action.