On-demand webinar: The Cookie Conundrum

The Cookie Conundrum: What’s the big issue and how brands can adapt

The death of the third-party cookie is imminent, and despite the game changing, many advertisers still don’t have a plan for how they are going to tackle this. Plus, with brands set to lose out on substantial revenue, it’s time to really start understanding what a cookie-less world will look like in order to combat this, think outside the box when it comes to data and find revenue in other ways. It’s time to start planning now! 


Here’s what Mapp and Odicci covered: 

  • What the death of third-party cookies means 
  • Some practical and actionable solutions to replace third-party cookies 
  • What is zero-party data and how to use this to gather audience insights 
  • Some online as well as offline examples of some brands who are smashing the above 



  • Ricardas Montvila, VP Global Strategy at Mapp
  • Jacques Prothon, Founder & CEO at Odicci