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What Customer Data Can Do For Your Business


According to McKinsey, businesses that make extensive use of customer analytics are likely to outperform the market.

Yet, many companies are still not reaping the benefits, a problem that often lies with a lack of trust in customer data.

Watch the replay of the webinar where we will provide practical tips on how you can manage your customer data and start driving improvements in your marketing efforts.

What we will cover:

  • The impact of Data and Analytics
  • The value of a Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • The rise of Zero Party Data
  • Easy-to-implement tactics – such as segment analytics, unified customer profile, and on-site personalization
  • Action plan on getting started in your marketing data journey.

Webinar Speakers:

Aria Rabet
Solutions Consultant, Mapp DigitalAria works in our UK Solutions Consultancy Team. He has years of experience helping some of the biggest brands in the UK pull their 1st party data together, and leverage it for powerful data-driven marketing and analytics.
Josh Beale

Principal Account Director, Global Retail and CPG, Mapp Digital

Josh has over ten years’ experience of working in digital marketing. He has in-depth expertise in working with brands to develop successful marketing strategies, transforming them into digital-first companies.

David Westwood

Solutions Consultant, Mapp Digital

David is part of our Solutions Consultancy Team in the UK. He helps brands of all sizes find new and exciting ways to engage with their customers, ranging from implementing targeted digital marketing campaigns to trialing instore shopper experiences.