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Why You Need to be Customer Obsessed in 2021


2020 has been a year of disruption, 2021 needs to be something new. But how are you going to hit the ground running?

Catch this replay of this webinar: Why You Need to Be Customer Obsessed in 2021, where you’ll learn what it means to be Customer Obsessed and why companies that embrace the idea will end up ahead of the rest. You will leave this session armed with practical strategies that will help you to supercharge your marketing for the start of the new year!

Here’s what we covered:

  • What is Customer Obsession?
  • Why companies who embrace the idea outperform others?
  • How zero and first-party data can enhance your marketing
  • Why a Customer Data Platform (CDP) can kickstart your marketing efforts in 2021
  • The latest, easy-to-implement digital tactics proven to maximize the use of your data.

Watch this webinar if you want to hit the ground running in 2021!