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D2C vs Retail: The Informative Guide to Direct-to-Consumer Marketing

What it contains

Considering going direct-to-consumer? Don’t follow traditional retail tactics. Mapp & VTEX have compiled the must-read differences and opportunities for DTC marketing.

Many brands have been dipping their toes in the DTC world, with the primary driving force being a declining margin through the retail channel. However, these newer reasons are validating a second wave moving to the DTC model.

There are several key differentiators that D2C brands should focus on that can positively influence the experiences that a direct-to-consumer relationship can offer. In this guide we highlight the 10 core differences and opportunities to consider, for manufacturers and brands looking enhance their D2C channel.

If you’re looking to grow the D2C channel for your brand and want to discover how an effective marketing and customer experience strategy will drive growth, download our guide here.

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