Mapp's Customer Engagement Platform Feature List

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15. May 2017 | Customer Engagement

Product Guide

Mapp's Customer Engagement Platform

Explore all the possibilities of Mapp’s Customer Engagement Platform to improve your omni and multi channel marketing strategy. Take advantage of an orchestrated set of integrated features for a successful customer experience across many devices and channels.

Mapp offers a strong infrastructure and comprehensive expert knowledge in email marketing to improve the deliverability of your email messages. Mapp also gives you the ability to execute mobile and app marketing campaigns built on the same data set as your email, social and web programs.

The Mapp Customer Engagement Platform enables you to drive revenue from social media channels, increase customer engagement and loyalty by shaping each customer experience with your brand across every channel. Thereby all message content is hyper-customized using any data source stored, while given highest possible protection for data security.

Download the feature list now and learn more about the numerous possibilities to test & review, automation, marketing reporting & statistics or customer data management solutions of Mapps’s Customer Engagement Platform.