The UK Digital Customer Engagement Index 2016

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09. Jun 2017 | Customer Engagement

Digital Customer Engagement

In 2016, several key themes begun to emerge that will have an increasing impact on how marketers create successful and engaging digital marketing programs in 2017. Mapp is pleased to present our analysis on where the industry stands in email, mobile and social, along with some of the key trends we think are in store for 2017.

The UK Digital Customer Engagement Index surveyed the top 50 leading ecommerce companies in the UK. The report found that while brands are making some of the right moves to realise their marketing goals, there are still too many areas in which good intentions are not being realised and opportunities are being missed.

Download our report to learn:

- The 2016 trends that were marketing game changers.
- How frequency of promotional emails, push notifications and social media posts affects a brand's route to customer engagement.
- How each engagement channel should be used to their greatest effect for marketers across different sectors.
- How brands should be personalising content on their website, emails and mobile apps.
- The tactics every marketer needs to start putting in place now for a successful year ahead.