Our story

We are passionate – we are marketers whose goal is to help other marketers.

The Mapp brand vision is to establish the digital marketing standard, where consumers are respected and brands thrive

We are Mapp!

We help brands stand out and reach their potential by enabling meaningful connections and lasting engagement with their customers.

Mapp is the result of the unification of two major powerhouses in the digital marketing sphere BlueHornet and Teradata Marketing Applications. With our customer engagement platform we combine email, mobile and social marketing in one solution and enable customers to gain control of all their marketing and digital advertising data in one central place – our integrated data management platform

But Mapp is more than marketing technology. Our digital marketing experts have supported customers for almost two decades reaching their potential and getting the maximum value from their marketing technology investment.

Our values

So, how do we do it?


Everything we do is guided by the singular purpose of providing our clients with the best possible service that will ultimately yield healthier relationships between brand and consumer.

Results Driven

We are committed to and obsessed with excellence. We pursue excellence by being data-driven and maniacally focused on value creation.


We are marketers – we know the craft but aren’t arrogant. We’re experts but still constantly and relentlessly striving to be better and smarter, bolder and more creative.

Fast facts

World’s largest

independent digital

marketing technology



million messages sent daily

Built by marketers,

for marketers



in 9 countries



customers worldwide



digital marketing




technologies and

innovations in one

holistic platform


Cloud Data Centers

in the US & Germany

Our legacy

Mapp is the sum of many parts; it is the strategic joining of companies, products and services to create a stronger, more focused, and unmatched company and brand.

At a more genealogical level, Mapp represents the collection of seven brands from around the globe, each specializing in distinct services:


Teradata Marketing Applications in Indianapolis for data analytics; Ozone Online in San Francisco for marketing and advertising; Appoxee in Tel Aviv for mobile push; Argyle in Durham for social monitoring; FLXone in Eindhoven for a data management platform; and eCircle in Munich as well as BlueHornet in San Diego for email service.

Together, these once separate companies have united to create something larger and more powerful – an integrated, digital customer engagement platform.