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Mapp vs Google Analytics (GA4)

A Google Analytics Alternative For Your Business

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Why should you google alternative analytics?

GA Universal Analytics (UA) is being sunset in favour of GA4. Therefore, Google's customers are advised to migrate as of July 2023 data in UA will stop being processed and will be maintained for 6 months. Google has also been facing several legal challenges in Europe with regards to data processing outside of EU. With that in mind, the time has come to look for a sustainable alternative -and we've got you covered.

GA4 Impact Assessment

Points of consideration for CMOs

Marketing focus is rapidly shifting from 3rd party data to 1st and Zero party data. Forrester predicts that Insights driven businesses will grow 3 times faster than their competitors, yet if your primary source of insights is still Google Analytics you will not be able to take advantage of this trend. Google Analytics has always been and will continue being a platform for analysing anonymous visitor data with a primary purpose of optimizing your paid media spend.

Points of consideration for CRM and Marketing Automation professionals

Let’s face it, Google Analytics has never really been a place for you to gain a better understanding of your customer behaviour. As 3rd party cookies disappear there will be a lot more expectations from you to provide customer insights, as you have access to the most 1st party and Zero party customer data. The question that you need to be asking yourself is whether you or your team is ready to provide those insights? Or are you relying on those insights from a team that is not incentivized to help you drive the long term brand consumer relationships? It is time for you to have a greater say in what analytics and customer insights technology is used in your organization that actually reflects the shifting needs to 1st party data Insights.

Points of consideration for Analytics professionals

How do you enable the business to self-serve on analytics? Power BI, Tableau dashboards on BigQuery did a job for a while, but how will this support your 1st party needs and more importantly how is this data easily actionable? There is a problem with traditional way of doing analytics. Traditional analytics rely on various data sources being ingested into a single repository, where the data is transformed and aggregated, to allow analysts to produce highly customizable dashboards and reports that answer questions to a very specific business problem. While this sounds good, the challenge with this approach is that there are only a few people in the marketing department who can understand these analytics. The CMO Survey found that only 1.9% of marketing leaders reported that their companies have the right talent to leverage marketing analytics. Even if the organization is able to extract insights systematically, the ability to operationalize insights or link the behavior to individual customers is extremely hard.

Points of consideration for agencies

We get it, you have to have a Google certification and Google practice in your organization, but the tide is shifting. Brands need your expertise to help shift their focus from analyzing anonymous visitor behaviour to truly understanding their customers. You have access to talent that can help brands unlock the goldmine that is their 1st party customer data. There is an immense opportunity to differentiate by helping brands to become insight-led.

Points of consideration for IT Security and Data Privacy professionals

More changes are to come and after rulings in France and Austria regarding the use of Google Analytics in Europe. Businesses need to be prepared for an alternative solution, without disconnecting the business from a critical source of analytics and insights. Your business needs your help evaluating whether your business is still comfortable paying for a service with consumer data. Yes, many brands do it, but is this what your brand wants to do?

Mapp Intelligence is the #1 alternative

Watch Our Free GA4 Impact Assessment Webinar

Whilst Google Analytics may be used or maintained by a couple of employees, this topic impacts everyone in your marketing organization. Watch our data analytics experts guide you through the impact assessment for your specific role.

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  • Retain the full ownership of your data in a GDPR compliant way (our data centres are based in Germany
  • Make informed marketing decisions with real-time data
  • Tailor your website for each visitor
  • Get Mapp alerts you about the things that matter most and gives recommendations
  • Build smarter, AI-driven cross-channel campaigns and optimize your marketing spend through customer predictions
  • Understand when, where, and how each customer engages with your brand with real-time cross-device analytics
  • Fill your touchpoints with added value to enrich your customer profiles, drive advanced segmentation, and trigger personalized communications across email, mobile, personalized web, and much more
  • Use your own first-party domain for tracking and even implement a cookieless tracking solution
  • Automate reports to be sent to key stakeholders to look at the same sets of data
  • Gain access to unbiased multi-touch attribution modelling and integrate Paid Media cost data
We have really been able to enrich our customer profiles, and get a much better steer on how best to really engage the right people at the right time. It’s provided us with an amazingly accessible way for JYSK to interact and engage with our audience on an ongoing basis.
EMILIA SLAWEK Digital Marketing Coordinator

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