Data privacy is in our DNA

Mapp is committed to meeting the highest standards and regulations of data privacy and security. We recognize that the proper handling of personal data is mission critical and protecting the privacy of customer data is indispensable. Therefore, we conduct our business in compliance with applicable laws on data privacy protection and data security. Mapp Cloud, our insight-led engagement platform, ensures that your data collection, data processing, and data storage meet current and future regulations. Your data is also fully GDPR compliant – guaranteed!

Your Data Benefits with Mapp Cloud:



European Data Storage

All data is stored and technically processed in Europe. If needed, we can even restrict access to your data to our Europe-based employees only. In contrast to other platforms, Mapp Cloud offers contractual and legal guarantees that companies own the data they collect. That makes you the “data controller.” European user accounts are under the control of each national privacy regulator – jurisdiction always remain in Europe.

  • European product development and no retro-fitting – all Mapp Cloud components were born compliant.
  • Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Engage servers and data centers are located in Germany, Mapp Acquire is hosted and its data processed in Belgium.
Customer Data Ownership

Owning data yourself is one of the best ways to ensure compliance with existing regulations and GDPR. Mapp does not inspect or monitor user data that you deploy to and collect with Mapp Cloud and we also do not know what kind of data you choose to store. Moreover, we do not claim data ownership over the data that you store and process with Mapp Cloud.

  • Data belongs to our customers – no inappropriate use or sale to third parties.
  • No access to customer data – by default.
  • Grant the least privilege that’s required to complete task, audit, and log access requests.
Certified Data Protection Standards

We have a dedicated team that manages our information security and privacy efforts. Besides our compliance to GDPR as well as to the strict European data protection laws and regulations, we adhere to the globally recognized ISO 27k framework. Compliance with our own policies and standards is regularly audited both internally and externally.

  • Mapp Engage is ISO27001 and ISO27018 certified, which ensures security management as well as protection of all personal data in the cloud.
  • Certified by ePrivacy – a highly respected German company that evaluates if companies comply with applicable data protection laws, particularly the GDPR.
Privacy as Policy

For us, privacy compliance is a way of doing business. Protecting your users’ data with Mapp Intelligence is not a setting – it’s a guarantee. All personal data attributes are hashed. The processing of personal data happens in a way that it can no longer be assigned to a specific data subject without additional information being provided.

  • Mapp Intelligence does not use personal data or Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • User profiles are built with pseudonymized data, such as hashed emails.
Custom Tracking Domains & Track Servers

You can no longer use unique identifiers to track users across websites and campaigns. This reduces your knowledge of users, limiting the scale and performance of conventional tracking. To improve data quality, we offer a unique data collection framework.

  • For first-party data collection Mapp Intelligence offers custom tracking domains and custom track servers.
  • Custom tracking domains and servers protect your tracking from regulatory changes.
  • No matter how regulations evolve, with your own domains and track servers you will be a step ahead.
In short: As a European customer, you can rest assured that
your data is safe with Mapp Cloud.