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What CMOS Demand from Martech in 2019, Featuring Forrester Research


As a senior marketing executive, do you believe you’re delivering the best customer experience at every brand touch point? The movement towards digital transformation was supposed to improve the customer experience. But in a new report being published this month, a team of researchers from Forrester Research, Inc. found that “too many CMOs focus on short-term ROI driven decisions. Their teams lack the data and technology skills required to orchestrate the digital delivery of the brand promise.”

Guest speaker, Thomas Husson, VP and Principal Analyst from Forrester Research, and Steven Warren, CEO of Mapp Digital, break down five challenges senior marketing executives in companies of all sizes will face in 2019. Watch the replay of “2019 Predictions: What CMOs Demand from MarTech This Year” will cover how to:

  • Drive customer-centricity
  • Improve your team’s use of data and analytics
  • Align brand promise with customer experience
  • Orchestrate channel growth
  • Improve personalization capabilities

Overcome these obstacles and make 2019 the year you drive your company’s digital delivery.