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Mapp Engage FAQ

Mapp Engage FAQ
1. How do you change the timezone and local language within Engage for my user?

Once you have successfully logged in to the Mapp Engage portal, click on the person icon in the top right-hand corner (shown below):

Next, click on ‘View/Edit’ profile from the dropdown:

Finally, update the time zone and language based on your requirements

2. How do you import your data into Engage?

Data can be imported to Mapp via the following 3 methods:

  • Automation:a. Main menu > Automations > Whiteboard NEW b. Create > Recurring or Scheduledc. Select Job: Import contacts


d. https://help.mapp.com/Help.en_GB/Help.htm#import-contacts-start-job-whiteboard.htm

f. Three dots > Members



g. Import


3. How do you export data from Engage to your CRM?

a. Main menu > Administration > Exports

b. Create > Select the relevant export


c. Setup export: https://help.mapp.com/Help.en_GB/Help.htm#type-window.htm


4. What type of reporting can I get from Engage?

You can generate your own reports by going to the Administration tab and selecting either Exports or Reports.

You may want to generate an export if you want more information on HOW contacts interact with your messages. More information can be found here https://help.mapp.com/Help.en_GB/Help.htm#d6949852e293837.htm%3FTocPath%3DMapp%2520Engage%7CAdministration%7CExports%7C_____0



You may want to generate a report to track, measure and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns. More information can be found here https://help.mapp.com/Help.en_GB/Help.htm#reports-info.htm.


5. How do you change your password?

In the Engage homepage, look in the top right corner, click on the person icon and then click “new password”. Please note that password should be at least 8 characters in length and must contain: a lowercase character, a uppercase character, a symbol and a number.


6. How do I check my stats?

You can view statistics by clicking on the “statistics” bar on the left. This will then prompt you to view either group statistics or single message statistics. By clicking on the 3-bar icon per single message or group message you will then have a further breakdown. More help can be found here.https://help.mapp.com/Help.en_GB/Help.htm#d6949852e134873.htm%3FTocPath%3DMapp%2520Engage%7CStatistics%7C_____0


7. What support SLAs can I expect from Mapp?

Once a support ticket is raised in the Support Portal the response times vary, depending on the priority of the issue. Issues fall into 1 of 3 priorities;

P1 – 2 hours initial response time

P2 – 1 business day initial response time

P3 – 2 business days initial response time


8. How do I raise a support ticket?

Support tickets are raised through the support portal at http://mapp.service-now.com/csm

The attached document details how to log in and raise a ticket from page 11 onwards.


9. How do I create a system user and assign permissions in Engage?

System users are created by going into Administration –> System Users and then clicking on the CREATE button. You then enter the Email, Name, Language, Timezone and Role of the user before clicking on SAVE to create the user. The Role of the user is what assigns them their permissions. You can read more about permissions here.


10. How do you set the sender address correctly?

a. Main Menu > Groups

b. Search for your group and click on the pencil

c. In the ‘Reply Handing Tab’, click on ‘Defined Email address’ and set the Name and Email you would desire to use.

d. Click on save


11. How do you render-check your emails?

a. Once you have your prepared/draft message ready. Click on the preview(eye) button in Prepared/Draft Messages:

b. In this tab, click on ‘Send rendering test’:

c. Go to Message -> Inbox Rendering:

d. Click on the preview button for your message:


e. Here you will be able to view how your email renders in different clients and devices. Do note, this takes a few minutes to generate.

More information can be found in : https://help.mapp.com/Help.en_GB/Help.htm#cshid=MESSAGE–INBOXRENDERING–OVERVIEW


12. How can I host images within Engage?

a. Go to Content -> Content Store

b. Click the type of the file and click on create:

c. Choose the name and upload the file. Make sure the automatic expiry date is selected.

d. Automatic expiry – Automatically expire 180 days after the last time that they are accessed. Each time the element is accessed, the expiration date is reset. If this is not ticked, then the image will expire on the date specified. Once deleted, we will not be able to recover it.


13. What support can I receive from Mapp?

At Mapp, customer success is our #1 priority. That’s why our Customer Success Management team are here to help you from the early stages of the onboarding phase and throughout your relationship with Mapp.

Depending on your CSM package, we can support in many ways – from completing a simple task in Mapp Engage within the same day, to managing and delivering complex projects across multiple channels.

Reach out to your Account Manager or CSM representative to find out more about your available options.


14. How to create new attributes?

a. Admin > Attributes

b. Go to Administration

c. Click on the Attributes tab

d. Then on the top left, click on ‘Create’


15. What attributes are available?

There are 4 attribute types:

  • Boolean: Stores data as ​true​/​false​ or 0/1
  • String: Stores data as a series of alphanumeric characters. Please note: The maximum length of a string attribute is 2000 characters
  • Number: Stores data as a positive or negative numeric value
  • Date: Stores data as a date. The system uses ISO-8601 to format dates. With this format, you specify time zones as follows: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss (+/-) GMT difference. An alternative format is DD.MM.YYYY

You can also create an enumeration on your attributes, by clicking on the action menu. Please note:

  • An attribute can have up to 1,000 different enumerated values
  • It is not possible to enumerate a standard attribute
  • It is not possible to enumerate a custom attribute that uses the Boolean data type

For more information about attributes on Mapp Engage, please click on the link: https://help.mapp.com/Help.en_GB/Help.htm#d6949852e289507.htm%3FTocPath%3DMapp%2520Engage%7CAdministration%7CAttributes%7C_____0


16. What can I use for triggered sends within Engage?

Sends can be triggered from Mapp Engage in the following ways:


17. Where is the help page?

It can be found by pressing the question mark in the top right-hand side of Mapp Engage.

Link: https://help.mapp.com/Help.en_GB/Help.htm#cshid=STARTPAGE

18. What channels does Engage support?

Mapp Engage supports the following channels: Email, SMS, Mobile Push and Web (landing pages).

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