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Mapp Marketing Cloud pricing packages


Ideal for quick activation of marketing automation campaigns through email and SMS, along with a CDP for personalization programmes.
Starting from £2,500/month
(Billed annually)
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Main benefits of Essential:
Email & SMS Automation
Web Personalization & Overlays
Drag & Drop Advanced Segmentation
ChatGPT Content Generation
Product Recommendations


Ideal to enhance marketing campaigns with predictive AI and actionable customer insights in real-time, extracting maximum value from first-party data.
Starting from £2,950/month
(Billed annually)
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Everything in Essential, plus:
Full Mapp AI Assistant
Web & Mobile Analytics
Alerts, KPI Forecast & Anomaly Detection
Customer Journey Analysis
RFM Modelling


Tailored for businesses with complex marketing ecosystems, seeking a fully customizable solution based on their specific needs.
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Everything in Professional, plus:
Web & Mobile Push
In-App Messaging
Custom Onboarding & Dashboards
Flexible Data Model
Data Streams

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Starting from £2,500/month
(Billed annually)
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Starting from £2,950/month
(Billed annually)
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Customer Profile
The Customer Profile feature includes demographic information, purchase history, interaction data, and preferences.
Identity Resolution
The process of integrating multiple identifiers across different devices and touchpoints into a single, cohesive customer identity.
Drag & Drop Advanced Segmentation
Segments based on behavior, demographics, purchase history, and engagement level.
SFTP provides a secure method for transferring large files and bulk data between systems, protecting data from unauthorized access and cyber threats.
Mapp Connect and API access
Mapp Connect and API Access facilitate seamless integration of Mapp Marketing Cloud with other systems and applications.
eCommerce Tables
Specialized databases designed to store and manage large volumes of eCommerce transactional data, such as tracking customer purchases, product interactions, and other key metrics crucial for eCommerce businesses.
Custom Web Behaviour Events
Track specific user actions on the website, such as clicking a button, watching a video or filling in a form, to trigger an action.
Max 5
The Web SDK allows the collection of detailed behavioral data from website visitors, enabling more precise targeting and personalization.
Mobile SDK
The Mobile SDK allows the collection of in-app user behavior data, the delivery of personalized content, and the implementation of push notifications and in-app messaging.
Related Data
Enrich customer profiles by creating additional relational databases that are linked to the main customer profile, enabling the aggregation and organization of complex, multi-dimensional data associated with each customer.
Best Time To Send
Advanced feature that leverages machine learning and historical data analysis to determine the optimal time to send marketing emails.
ChatGPT Subject Line and Content Generation
Churn, Conversion, Basket Value and CLV Predictions
Features can be used, for example, to build targeted audiences and send out emails to users with a low conversion probability or interested in high-value items.
Smart Alerts
Smart Alerts are automated notifications about significant changes within a selected metric, e.g. the campaign visits or the number of new visitors.
Revenue Alerts
Custom Process Alerts
The platform will automatically detect, analyse and warn you about any anomalies in all processes, e.g a drop in the number of expected visitors or even an unforeseen increase in conversion rates.
Segment Detection
Automatically identify segments that perform above average in conversion rate and average order value, including unexpected ones.
Analyze the past performance of a time series, such as revenue, visitors, and visits. Take into account daily and weekly seasonalities to provide accurate forecasts.
Dynamic and Personalized Messages
From simple name insertions to complex content variations based on user behavior, preferences, and demographics.
Landing Pages
A/B testing for Marketing Campaigns
Web Personalization & Overlays
On-site Product Recommendations
Email Product Recommendations
Marketing and Transactional Emails
SMS Inbound and Outbound
Additional setup and sending costs apply.
Branded Email Template
Unsubscribe, Sign-up, and Preference Pages
Automation Workflows
Automated workflows can be customized based on triggers like customer behavior, purchase history, or engagement level.
Abandoned Cart Use Case
Email template and whiteboard will be customized with the brand logo/colors/header/footer.
Abandoned Browse Use Case
Email template and whiteboard will be customized with the brand logo/colors/header/footer.
Birthday Programme Use Case
Email template and whiteboard will be customized with the brand logo/colors/header/footer.
Welcome Programme Use Case
Email template and whiteboard will be customized with the brand logo/colors/header/footer.
Email Render Testing
Email Deliverability Analytics
Web Push
Mobile Push & In-App
Web & Mobile Analytics
RFM Modelling
Segment customers based on how recently they have purchased (Recency), how often they purchase (Frequency), and how much they spend (Monetary).
Report Sharing
Executive Dashboards x 2 (Best Practice)
They are designed to provide high-level insights into KPIs and metrics that are most relevant to decision-makers.
Conversion Analysis Dashboards x 7 (Best Practice)
By tracking metrics like conversion rates, cost per conversion, and lead sources, you can identify what works best in the funnel and optimize accordingly.
Digital Marketing Dashboards x 6 (Best Practice)
Monitor your KPIs about various digital channels, check campaign performance, track audience engagement, and gauge the effectiveness of different strategies.
Funnel & Product Dashboards x 6 (Best Practice)
Track metrics like funnel conversion rates, drop-off points, product sales, and customer feedback.
Engagement Analytics Dashboards x 7 (Best Practice)
Monitor metrics like engagement rate, time spent on website, content interaction, and social media engagement.
Custom Dashboards (Intelligence)
Data Retention for Analytics
Policies and capabilities to store historical data over a defined period. This feature is crucial for marketers who need to analyze long-term trends and patterns in customer behavior and campaign performance.
14 months
> 14 months
Data Streams
Capture and use data as it is generated, from sources like website interactions, mobile app usage, and customer transactions.
Analytics API
Comply with Subject Access Requests (SAR)
Handle requests from individuals seeking access to their personal data, as required under data protection laws like the GDPR.
EU Hosted Data Centers
Custom Domain
Use your brand domain name for marketing communications, rather than a generic or vendor-provided one.
Configurable Roles and Permissions
SSL Certificate
Dedicated IP
Multi-Factor Authentication

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