Spring Update 2020: What’s new in Mapp Cloud?

Kimberly de Silva
Spring Update 2020: What’s new in Mapp Cloud?

The Spring Update is here, and we’ve got plenty to share with you! Today, we released a major product update for Mapp Cloud. From AI generated pre-defined user segments, enhanced Mobile Rich Push Messages to CRM connectors, we’ve got you covered. The Spring Release package includes a total of 13 innovations and has advanced our platform in the areas of customer intelligence, marketing analytics, and cross-channel marketing. These new features help marketers work even smarter; and they’re available to our customers right now!

Feast your eyes on our 6 biggest feature releases of the Spring Update 2020:



One of the biggest challenges marketers face today is delivering and optimizing targeted marketing. With Mapp’s intelligent user segments, marketers can now seamlessly share segments and metrics between Mapp Intelligence and Mapp Engage. Create smart user segments based on all the data and insights you have available in Mapp Intelligence, including page views, product interactions, customer journey and user attributes. These user segments are then available in Mapp Engage’s Segmentation Builder to target a campaign towards a perfectly suited audience. With this innovation, Mapp has broken down the barriers between customer insights and cross-channel marketing, giving marketers a powerful solution for more precise targeting.

This new feature enables you to seamlessly integrate customer insights and cross-channel marketing activities. It’s a game-changer for marketers who want to increase user engagement and drive revenue with the help of a precision instrument that is capable of super-charging your marketing activation in ways that were not possible before.

The Intelligence-based segmentation is the key feature of our Insight-led Customer Engagement solution, providing a direct connection between a customer’s first-party data and their cross-channel marketing execution. This feature delivers the functionality to fulfill that vision. Every interaction with your website or online store is recorded with Mapp Intelligence and, as a result, can generate deeper insights and turn them into finely targeted segments.

For additional information check out our product video:


With the connection to the Salesforce CRM, your contacts are automatically synchronized. Up until recently, customers had to import and export contact information manually to and from the Salesforce CRM. But now, you never need to update your contact lists within your Mapp account.

The Salesforce CRM Support feature means that marketers can initiate targeted marketing activities based on customer data without having to perform a time-consuming manual setup. It also enables cross-channel campaigns based on Salesforce data to optimize the customer journey.


Integrate your marketing technology stack with Mapp Cloud and automate workflows between a multitude of systems. Zapier is a super flexible middleware that allows for connecting different platforms together. It supports more than 1,500 software platforms. Mapp Cloud integrates with other apps on Zapier – it’s the easiest way to automate instantly.

Some key benefits:

  • Even though we don’t partner with Facebook, with the Zapier integration customers can import users from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn as well as popular CRM and shop systems
  • Add data to Mapp Engage from any of 1,500+ apps integrated with Zapier
  • Use any data to send emails with parameters

It’s not always easy to take action on your data, but it’s the key to better personalization, increased customer engagement and boosted sales. Mapp’s AI Marketing Analyst is like a personal assistance tool that creates pre-defined user segments with the help of artificial intelligence. The AI Marketing Analyst analyzes and engages users based on 4 key predictions: conversion probability, churn probably, predicted next order value, and predicted customer lifetime value.

The AI Marketing Analyst gives you pre-defined user segments (i.e. segments based on our predictions) that support you throughout the platform, delivering actionable insights for a predictive and proactive approach to marketing. The AI-based segments also make Mapp Intelligence predictions much easier to use and evaluate. For each of the predictions, there are 3 different segments: high probability, medium probability, and low probability – which you can then target appropriately. Whereas before it might have been tricky to understand whether a predicted Conversion Rate of 15% was high or low, now segments include clear labels for each group.  For all predictive KPIs, users are now automatically grouped as having a “High”, “Medium”, or “Low” KPI value, which makes it easier to create rule-based campaigns.


What time do you normally send your emails? How do you know that is right time for each of your contacts? Most people receive so many emails each day that they cannot read them all, and if yours isn’t at the top of their inbox then there is even less chance that they will get to it. With this feature, marketers can make sure that the email is sent at a time when the user normally reads his or her messages. As a result, your email will be at the top of their inbox and get more attention from the recipient.

As part of Mapp’s vision of “self-driving omni-messages”, Best Sendout Time is one of the four channels we want to automate (i.e. content, audience, time, channel). The feature is extended to all sendout methods from Mapp Engage’s Automation Whiteboard, from emails to mobile messages. When enabled, the sendout time will be personalized to send on preferred time for each of your contacts. The best sendout time is calculated based on the open and click metrics of the individual user. By using 52 weeks’ worth of data, you get an in-depth picture of the best time of the day to engage your users. At Mapp, we’ve already seen engagement increase by an average of 15%.

More details on the Best Sendout Time in our video:


Catering to mobile users goes beyond building a mobile-friendly version of your website. Enter mobile push notifications… But instead of the sending regular push notifications, you can now compose more vivid, dynamic, and interactive messages with action buttons, sound management, videos, gifs, and clickable responses that deep link to specific pages with Mapp Engage.

Rich push notifications, on iOS and Android, drive more engagement and retention with your app users. We’ve seen reaction rates increase by 25% with rich mobile push. And combined with our other new feature Best Sendout Time (see above), you can increase engagement by 40%! You can target users while they’re engaged with the app through in-app messages or re-engage them. Overall, it’s now even easier to create engaging content that can be delivered directly to your customers mobile devices.

For more information please have a look at our product video:



Want more information – on all 13 new features? Check out the full Spring Update.

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